A Remote Work Relationship Has Become Awkward.

Question: Unintentionally, I developed feelings for a supervisor, not my direct supervisor but a supervisor that assists me if I need help and even can hold me accountable if required. I work from home and just one day struck up a conversation which continued for months. I had no idea that feelings would develop and was mortified when I realized it.

I remained professional as did he, although he was a bit more forthcoming with mentioning that he missed me. I fully understood because we had great conversations. Now, he’s not communicating with me and when I ask for assistance he never responds; I solely get help from other supervisors.

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What Should I Do About the Crush I Have On My Boss?

I don’t feel this way about anybody else. I tried to be with someone else and no sparks. When I hear my boss’s voice at work I’m in awe! He’s the boss of everyone else. My normal manager is just my manager, but my boss is a leader to everyone. He’s not married, but he does have children and it sounds like he’s a great Dad.

He treats me with respect as I’m sure he has to treat everyone with respect. When I hear his voice it’s like nothing else matters. He probably isn’t even interested in me! I just don’t know how to get over the infatuation!

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Can I Report My Husband’s Online Activities to His HR?

Question: My husband is cheating on me. I found he has been having online sex with a foreign woman. They are planing to move together.

More over, He had sex with this woman online video during work hours in his office.

Can I report my husband affair to his HR?

Response: Thank you for sharing your frustrating and hurtful situation with us. It sounds as though you will be much better off to not have him in your life!

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How Can I End an Affair with a Married Person at Work?

I have been having an affair with my company’s HR manager off and on for over three years. It’s toxic because she is the one that is married and all actions are dependent on her marriage. If everything is OK at home for her, I’m just a friend. If she and her husband are at odds she wants to engage with me.

I care for her immensely but this has to end. I’m afraid that if I end it she will make sure that there is retaliation. I try to get her to end it but it just continues to be ongoing. It’s a game of cat and mouse. I’m not sure what to do but it has to end. It’s taking a toll on my work performance and my emotional state. What do I do? Please help.

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I’m Attracted to My Boss and Getting Mixed Messages From Him.

I have an attraction to my boss. I can’t explain how it transpired but it did. And I get mixed signals from him. Like, at our annual staff party he told me, as he knew I was on a weight loss journey, that I’m such a beautiful woman and that when I’ve reached my goal he will introduce me to some people. He calls and sends me texts late at night. I’m just lost. Please help.

If you look at our archives you will find situations similar to yours. You’ll also see that we are consistent in saying it’s understandable that a coworkers at all levels in an organization might find a boss attractive and develop a crush (even to the point of obsession.) We also consistently say that such relationships nearly always lead to unhappiness for one or both.

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How Can I End a Relationship With My Boss But Still Work Well With Him?

Question: My Boss and I started dating this year for about 9 months. As normal or should I say as expected, some of the feelings are going away. I feel hurt because some of the things he normally does, he stopped. Calls, special attention, stealing kisses.. especially the morning calls and show of affection. It sometimes makes me brood at work as well. I forgot to add he is married. The last months have been so wonderful, too good to be true even though I know it was just for a matter of time. These days, I feel and know it’s coming to an end.

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What About Just A Hook-Up With My Boss?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about sex with the boss.

Question: I really like my boss, but I just want a hook up. No dating, no relationship, no commitments, nothing like that.

Answer: We’re a site about workplace communication issues, rather than an advice column about romance and/or sexual activity. However, you may benefit from a reasonable and practical response to your question.

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