Do I Have a Civil Case Because Of Boss’s Affair?


My boss had an affair with a young engineer who reported to me. They were both married. The young engineer has since been let go by HR as the affair become public. However, for two years I was under tremedous stress as the young engineer would not do the work or come to work on time. I lived through this hell. Do I have a case against boss or the company?




Dear Stressed:

You should contact an attorney to find out about the potential for a civil case against your company. We aren’t lawyers and don’t have enough knowledge of the situation to provide effective advice about it.

You will need to show proof of harm (emotionally, mentally or financially) to you and you will likely need to show that the company knew or should have known you were being harmed and did nothing about the problem. The fact that the company rememdied the situation when they found out about it would be something in their favor. If, on the other hand, you can show that you tried to get help all along but were ignored, that might be evidence for you.

An attorney could help you sort through the situation and decide if you have a case of some kind and if that is a path you want to take.

Best wishes.

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