Stepping Back From A Management Position?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about wanting to return to a non-managerial position: I want to go back to the original position I was hired for.

I was promoted last year to manager. My personal circumstances have now changed, and I feel my boss has increased my load and my wages have not. I want to go back to the original position I was hired for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Signed, Can I Go Back?

Dear Can I Go Back?:

Many years ago, a sage said you couldn’t step in the same river twice. Can you get your old job back? Maybe. Maybe not. You should know the answer to that question better than I. It might depend on who has been assigned to do what you did before being promoted to manager and if there is someone in the wings willing and capable to take the job you have now.

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NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about comparing duties and pay with a co-worker:

Work at a Inn/hotel I work the night shift and do the Night Audit from 11pm-7am 4 nights a week, and there is a second person who works the other three nights a week. When he does his job, he does the night audit only! When I do my shifts, there are notes left for me to clean rooms, do laundry, etc. Not to mention he is paid more than I am. I do not feel that this is fair. They asked me to be housekeeping supervisor and I declined. It is as if they are getting two for the price of one! Please advise.

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Anniversary Date

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about delay in raise:

I work at a small NY law firm (7 lawyers, 2 secretaries, receptionist, librarian and office manager) and have worked for the same partner for over 25 years (15 at the former firm and the balance at the new firm bearing his name). Since I started at the new firm my anniversary date has been July 27. I have not yet received my increase this year and when I discussed this with my boss he said that I would be getting an increase but he hasn’t had time to deal with it and “I would be receiving it retroactively so what’s the problem.”

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She Makes More $$ Than Me.

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about lower pay although better educated:

I have been employed at the local school district in Texas going on 3 years. When I was hired, two other girls were hired at the same time. One of those girls, Sara, and I spent a lot of the day working together. One day we were discussing how underpaid we were when I found out that Sara makes quite a bit more than I do. We both do the same job; however, I had previous experience working with children and the required schooling for the job (an associate degree), and Sara, who had no prior experience, had to go through a 2-day training (she did not have any degree other than a high school diploma) in order to get the job.

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Discrepancy In Pay

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay difference:

I am an office manager, working full time. I recently learned a coworker is making twice as much as I am, working part-time and from home. How do I handle knowing the huge discrepancy in pay and responsibility?

Signed, Feeling underpaid

Dear Feeling underpaid:

We receive this type of question quite often-which I suppose points out why so many organizations don’t let employees know what anyone is being paid. In government jobs that’s not an issue because a GS-10 is a GS-10, apart from locality pay. It is also usually not a problem in unionized work, since there is most often a clearly defined pay scale.In private enterprise, work is often paid for by value of the work to the organization overall, not by title or the responsibility for others. So, if the employee has some special skill, has been doing the work for some time, provides something the company wants and thinks they can’t get from anyone else, that may be the reason for the difference in pay. Or, if the employee is a valued member of the team for some other reason. Or, if the employee works for someone who is higher in the organization and that higher person views that anyone reporting to them should be at a higher wage. Or,if the employee has education or training, or is available for after hours work, or handles special tasks or some other issue, for which a salary perk is provided. Or, the employee may be friends with someone who has authority over wages and has convinced them that he or she is worth the extra money, and friendships come into play when figuring the wage.

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Not Getting Paid On Time.

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being paid late:

If employees are supposed to be paid on the 15th and the 30th of each month but are not getting paid until several days later is there anything they can do? Some people really need their check when they expect it. Thanks

Signed, Unpaid

Dear Unpaid:

I can imagine how frustrating and irritating it is to not get your paycheck! There may be state laws about the delivery of your wages. Check the internet for your state’s Department of Labor, then see if they have a FAQ section with a question that covers failure to pay wages.

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Not Getting Paid For Overtime!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not paid for overtime:

We work an large amount of overtime and never get reimbursed for it. We are on salary and still get docked for every minute we are late or out. We recently received our paychecks and one of the employees was $346.00 short. She had more than enough overtime to cover it. We work on the weekends and stay late during the week and never have been paid for it. They want you to work, work, work, but when it comes time to be paid for the over time they will not pay you!

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Bereavement Leave

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about leave for bereavement:

Most offices have a policy allowing one week off for immediate family bereavement. Our office indicates it is only once a year. How should a double death be handled if both parents died close to the same time?

Signed, Wondering about bereavement leave

Dear Wondering about bereavement leave:

Most offices have a three day bereavement leave for immediate family members, although some provide longer leave time and some provide none, except on a case-by-case basis. No matter how it is handled, the issue of bereavement leave is that someone has lost a relative, loved one or friend, through death. The ceremonial activities surrounding a death require time and often, travel. Even if no ceremony is held, a grieving person needs a few days to get through the initial feelings.

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Go Or Stay

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about money: I have a really great boss but he is totally unapproachable re: money. Should just look for another job or if I should approach him?

I have a really great boss but he is totally unapproachable re: money. He gets angry when money is mentioned and always says he has a cash flow problem but he goes flying, hunting to the coast etc nearly on a monthly basis. I am under paid but don’t know how to approach him about this as I know what his answer is going to be. He is a medical broker but his staff does not even have medical aid. Due to our hard work he is also constantly winning trips and prizes and the best he can do is say thank you for all the hard work. Help please I don’t know if I should just look for another job or if I should approach him? How do I go about this? We had a major argument in December re: money that was owing to me which I only received in January. I really like him but I can’t survive on my salary.

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Getting A Raise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about getting a raise:

My co-worker and I have been complaining to each other about how we deserved a raise. Well, I finally presented my dilemma to our boss, and she has decided to give me a raise, but not my co-worker. She asked me to be discreet about it. Should I mention it to my co-worker or not?

Signed, Mum or Not

Dear Mum or Not:

Where are your loyalties? Aren’t they misplaced. You are hired to work for your boss, not your buddy. Here’s your real dilemma: If you tell your co-worker about your raise and he/she would obviously confront your boss then you should not be surprised if you get terminated because of your lack of discretion. Secondly, she’ll never, ever trust you again so goodbye career at that facility. Your co-worker did not get a raise because they were deemed unworthy.

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