Should I Train Others Before My Contract Expires?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about training: Training people was not in my job description. What should I do? Should I train them? Is this even right or legal? Should I quit?

I am a contract worker who has led many initiatives the company. in the beginning I was somewhat promised a job, but with new management this has changed. Now my boss wants me to train old employees for things that I have learnt through my $30,000 education. After that he wants to let me go. Training people was not in my job description. I am a recent grad in a field that is forever changing and my coworkers do not have the knowledge that I do. They last went to school over a decade ago. I have five weeks left in my contract. What should I do? Should I train them? Is this even right or legal? Should I quit?

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Unfair Holiday Leave

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about holiday pay:

Our work policy has always been 20 days for workers and 25 for managers pro rata; recently three of my colleagues have reduced their working hours to a 4 day week but have kept their 20 days this means now they get 5 weeks leave. I am expected to pick up the slack on the days they are not there but still only get 20 days which is 4 weeks; in effect I am doing more work for fewer holidays. I don’t believe this is fair I have approached my manager who says this is the agreement she made with them when they reduced their hours. Because of the nature of my job and because I need the income, I cannot reduce to a 4 day week and feel I am being treated unfairly.

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Employee Manipulates Her Work Schedule

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about scheduling:

We have an employee who is on an adjusted work week schedule, which has her off on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. She has been requesting Sundays off as a vacation day in order that she may have the whole weekend off. (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.) The schedule that the employee has is the one she chose. There are other options where the employee can work five days and have two off; e. .g. Sunday thru Thursday with Friday and Saturday off or Tuesday thru Saturday with Sunday and Monday off. (Instead she has chosen the one with Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday off.) I have spoken to the employee about having to hire overtime for the Sundays she had requested off, to no avail. I intend to give her a schedule with Sunday off if it is so important that she has it off. What do you suggest?

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How to Handle A Breach Of Contract

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about  overtime pay:

I work for a local authority as a support worker and in my contract of employment it states I shall be paid time and a half for working certain hours (weekends and unsociable hours after 8pm). I have not been paid anything except my basic rate. When I queried this I was informed that because I (and every single employee) did extra hours I forfeited my entitlement to the enhancements (this is NOT written in my (or anyone else’s contract). Also the service manager sent out an email to all managers requesting names of employees that had not signed the casual register (overtime). I would really appreciate your expert opinion on this matter.

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How To Ask for a Raise?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about asking for a raise: I’m young (24) but feel very confident in my abilities and would like to approach the topic of a raise with my employers. (I also want to note that they are VERY difficult employers who are very tight with their money

I have been working for a company in sales administration and customer service for the past year. I’m young (24) but feel very confident in my abilities and would like to approach the topic of a raise with my employers. (I also want to note that they are VERY difficult employers who are very tight with their money even though they have a very successful business. A raise will be difficult to ask for as they are not easily approached.) My superior is leaving in 3 weeks and I will be automatically assuming many of her responsibilities. Although my employers have not discussed a title change or increase in responsibilities, I am currently working with my superior to learn additional tasks which will be my sole responsibility when she leaves.My employers have not approached me since my coworker gave her notice. I’m in an assistant position and now that she is leaving

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How To Handle Being Screwed

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

I work for a great company as an executive assistant. This past year I somehow assumed the role of office manager even though we have one… she’s 70 years old. This is one of those situations where they “can’t” get rid of her”, but I’m not going to be compensated for taking on tasks she is no longer capable of, because I technically can not assume the title!  Omg! Please, help me out here. It is the most awkward situation. Everyone knows it’s wrong. I’m 47 years old. Been doing this a loooong time so I am especially miffed at this loyalty my company is abiding by, yet I’m getting screwed! Help!

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Is It Right To Demote And Also Cut Pay Drastically

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay:

If my boss demotes me is he right to also cut my salary in half?

Signed, Punished Twice

Dear Punished Twice:

Salary is nearly always tied to work level or position. Therefore, if you are demoted, whether it was for punishment or because of work adjustments, your salary will be reduced as well. Having it cut in half seems extreme, unless that is the normal salary for that position.

On the other hand, if you were demoted and your new salary was reduced even lower than others in the same work level it certainly would seem unfair even though there is no law or regulation governing it. If your business is large enough to have an HR section or just a payroll clerk, perhaps you can ask about the wage for the lowered job description.I’m sorry about the demotion and the pay loss. It may not seem likely now, but perhaps the situation will change or you will be able to overcome whatever was the cause of the demotion and get back to the work and the pay level you want and need.Best wishes to you in handling this challenging situation.

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My Boss Takes Days Off But Doesn’t Record Them

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about cheating:

I work in a smaller company in the HR department. Two of us are in HR and we report to the CEO. My boss is the Director of HR. We have a system of requesting vacations days off through some software, however my boss continues to take vacation days without listing them. His “out of office” notice says he is on vacation and can’t respond to phone or emails, yet he is not populating his days off in the company software.

I am responsible for maintaining this database of vacation hours. So far he has taken a total of two weeks (10 days) of vacation without listing it. Yes, he does list other vacation days. I don’t know what to do since the only person I could possibly bring it up with is the CEO. The CEO and he are on very good terms with each other. If it is brought to his attention he will know only one person could have brought it up…me. I would rather speak to him directly, but then, of course, I don’t want to “challenge him”. I am thinking of calling our EAP to see if they have any ideas also.

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Do I Have Any Recourse?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about reduction in hours:

I’ve been working at my current place of employment for more than two years. For over a year and a half I was working full-time (40 hours).  At the beginning of this year, the owner/CFO told me that he would be reducing my hours down to 30 per week in June but that he would be completely flexible with my schedule (including working only 4 instead of 5 days to help with auto costs).

About a month before my hours were cut I spoke with the CFO again about my schedule and he again said he was fine with a M-Th workweek. About a week later he said he needed to cut my hours back to just 20 per week, but was fine with me working 3 days a week. After only a week of the new schedule, he got mad at me for an unrelated reason resulting from his own error, and proceeded to tell me that he needs me in the office 5 days a week between 8-12p.

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Talking About A Raise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

I sent the Dear John memo below a month ago and still haven’t heard back. My boss did acknowledge he received it, but has said nothing more. How long should I wait until I ask again or mention it? Did I say the right things in my letter? As a trusted employee I know that our sales are up over 35% over the last year.

Good Morning John, As you know, it has been over a year since my last favorable review/pay increase. At that time we talked about what my goal in pay was and where *** was able to meet me. Since then, I have continued to prove my value to *** in a variety of ways: Implementing a solid tracking system for all ****** Shipments, Suggesting implementation of late letters for past due freight bills, Acquiring & Maintaining new customers, continuing to learn more about the company and how we come to pricing customers, etc.

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