A Teammate Who Will Not Team?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker-teacher who¬† is dependent: What I’m trying to understand here is the mentality. I think I am looking for an explanation that is more palatable than thinking someone is self-centered, obtuse, and lazy. Is there?

I read through a ton of your archives, but didn’t find this one. I am puzzled by a colleague teacher of mine. We have both been teaching several years. It is a career that will never stop being a challenge, and I’ve resolved myself to feeling at the edge of exhaustion for the next 20 some years. (Don’t worry; the students themselves make it all worth it.) Of course, teamwork is essential to surviving the insanity of public education and its quirks, and I am all for working together to lighten the load.

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Team Of Three Stinks!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about different work styles or just inefficiency: How I can communicate more effectively with this group in order to gain some sense of order…or does this fall on the shoulders of only my manager and I should just back off?

I work with a team of 3 people. My boss, a co-worker and myself, and we’re having some troubles communicating which is affecting our ability to get work done. The other two-team members are non-linear thinkers. They like to discuss and jump around and move around the issues at hand and then forget what the original intent of the discussion was.

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Bonus Smaller This Year!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about high rating but low bonus: How is it best to talk about it with the boss?

I work in a place where you receive bonuses on performance evaluation. The money differential is big, and my issue is I received in my mid-term evaluation a top performance, but when I got my final one for the year I was a notch down so my bonus went from 3 percent to 1 of my salary and that is significant. There was no feedback to why the difference. In fact I think the praise was even better in the second one. I am talking with my supervisor about this. Any suggestions of how to talk about it with him? I do believe he is under pressure to not give too much money out, and in fact I wish they would just be honest, but still awareness of fairness is important…Thanks as always for your time.

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Supervisor Intimidated By Regular Employee

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about criticism of her boss: I hate going in to my job because of her, but I love working for this company because I know it is good for me. So what do I do? Her newly appointed boss is aware of her downfalls – should I talk to her boss?

My supervisor has been with the company 15 yrs and recently the company has made major changes including replacing the “older” employees with fresh, younger attitudes like mine. Well, my supervisor must be terrified of me because everyone around me can compliment me on things I do or tell me how nice I look, but not her.

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