My Friend Became An Irritating Coworker. Now What?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to deal with a friend
who is also an irritating coworker.


A couple of years back, my friend was not in a great place mentally so when a job came up at my workplace, I got her in.  She worked as a caterer/ school kitchen assistant before, so I thought a change into office administrative work would help her.

Why does it irritate me so much that she soon became a different person–patronizing me, thinking she is more than she is, strutting around the place. I can’t bear her presence in my workplace and I’ve always loved my job. It’s making me crazy.

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How To Deal With An Overbearing Colleague Who Pulls Rank In An Inter-Office Team Project?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a colleague who pulls rank
in an inter-office team: How can I handle this in a way
that doesn’t reflect badly on my work? 


I have had some tension with a female colleague (herein after I refer to her as “T”). I think T. is getting more and more overbearing and I would like to know how to deal with or handle this conflict professionally so as not to affect my work product. I work for a large multinational organization and I have been working here for a little over two months.. I interviewed for a Vice President of Implementation role but was offered the role as an Assistant Vice President, with the promise of promotion to VP next year, which I am completely fine with. T. has worked here for 10 months and is a Vice President, but I do not report to her, although I work on a project team with her and another colleague, “N.”

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Facebook Post Threatens???

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a Post that was seen as threatening:
My coworker reported a Facebook post that another coworker posted to our boss. I participated in commenting on the post along with other coworkers. The coworker that reported the post told our boss that she felt threatened by the Facebook post. The Facebook post had absolutely nothing to do with her. The Facebook post did not mention any names and did not mention our place of employment. Our boss has now assigned this particular coworker and I to work closely together in the same department, although the coworker has stated that she felt threatened by me. Is this legal?
Signed, Working With Coworker Who Said She Feels Threatened By Me

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Can An Employee Be Fired For Justifiably Raising His Voice When Upset?

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an unfair accusation of harassment. 

A coworker of my husband’s came to our house to get free kittens out from under our deck, but she scared them so badly with a broom etc., that they disappeared. My husband took the carrier she was going to use back to work and she came to his work area to get it. He told her that it was stupid what she did and did yell at her but not crazy-like at all. She complained to the company that she can’t come on his floor “because she is scared” of him.  He had a meeting with the Corporate Diversity Dept. They heard his side of the story, that he did nothing but raise his voice. However, she says it was harassment. Will he be fired or disciplined? His work record is spotless and his boss went into the meeting after him and had nothing but good to say. Your thoughts?

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Nerf Blaster Shooting in Office

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworkers games playing:

This has been very disturbing for long time. Two employees love to play Nerf blaster and yesterday one coworker was holding the Blaster and shooting. I was next to him but he ignored me and did not put the Blaster down, I waited for 15 seconds after he stopped before I could go to my desk and I was furious. This morning, I reported it to Human Resources. She said she is going to handle the situation.

This afternoon I was ready to leave the office and this guy played Blaster again. One bullet hit the my top of hair. It almost hit my head. I did not fight with him. I am too quiet and not a verbally strong person, but I feel terrible. Should I report to HR again? What is your suggestion? Should I talk to my boss directly?

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Anxiety and Depression Over Workplace Treatment

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about anxiety and depression caused by workplace conflict where an employee has felt bullied and ostracized for two years.


A few years back a coworker shared with me her displeasure at finding out a new person was making more money than her….She found out by opening the new persons pay There was no reasoning with her and I listened to her rants daily. I finally spoke with a subordinate. Well it turns out I was made the scapegoat.

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Hostess Left to Do the Mostest

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an owner’s relative who slacks off.

I am a hostess and server at a restaurant and have been there for just over one year. About a month ago, one of my co-hostesses realized that if she wants to get off of her shift early, she should go back to the kitchen and servers area. She says “ugh, I want to go home. Maybe if I go back there they’ll see that I’m not doing anything and will send me home.”

And in fact, this has worked for her many times. The problem is that while she is back in the server area trying to get sent home early, I am left doing all the seating, carryout orders, and side work such as rolling silverware and folding kids’ menus. I have had to go back there multiple times and ask her to come help me do our job.

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Complaint About A Co-Worker Was Unintentional!

Question to Ask The Workplace Doctors:
Complaint about a coworker was unintentional!

“How can I tell my boss I didn’t mean to complain about my co-worker?”

I had a mandatory one on one meeting with my boss recently to go over how I was doing since being hired 4 short months ago.  It was a rushed meeting because we spent most of it going over the company website, then had 2 minutes left to go over my numbers and open questions/concerns.

In the process of discussing my work I informed her that I noticed a co-worker who has really high numbers is because she does not take a lunch. After much protesting of not telling my boss who it was, she said since I brought it up, she needed to know.

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Called A Snitch

A question for Ask the Workplace Doctors about being called a snitch. 

“There are rumors of me being a snitch, but I’m not. What can I do?”

There have been rumors of me being a snitch and that is causing my seventeen coworkers to have very negative work attitudes towards me. Twelve of those are very close to each other. They talk very condescending towards me and many do not want to work with me. Several of them have actually gone to complain to the supervisor about my work ethic.

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Pushy Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker who pushes work on me:

There is a problem with a co-worker who has been in the company for many years before me. The individual has more experience than me and is constantly placing more work in front of me than I can handle. I feel that I am being taken advantage of because I have the notion that the extra work I am given is supposed to be completed by my superior. This is also affecting the work that is originally assigned to me. Should I tell my boss or confront the individual who is forcing this extra work on me?

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