Cheerleader in My Team

A feel good moment to let others know some workplaces are good places to work.

I collaborate a lot with my teammates on various projects and am part of the culture committee that has a big hand in putting together events for our employees. And of course I love my job and put my heart into everything I do and all the communication I have with my customer. It’s a true relationship between the company, my customer and their buyer that I work with. I have looked at some of the questions on Workplace Doctors and I am very fortunate to not have some of those situations where I am now. Whew!! But nowhere is perfect. Happy to see it running strong! One feel good moment I can think of most recently was being recognized by my fellow teammate for having a positive effect on her everyday by just being me and boosting the morale of our team. She sent a recognition request and it was emailed to my manager as well. My teammate can tend to have a negative outlook or be in a sour mood sometimes so it’s nice to hear that my words and actions really make a difference not just in the workplace but in true emotions of life. I’ve noticed that I’m a good morale booster or what people call a “cheerleader” of the squad. High fives and positive words go a long way. People know me for saying “I appreciate you” all the time. Major impact!