Co-worker Quits Twice and Is Rehired

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about not  offered better pay when hired back but another person has been: I run from confrontation but want to say to my boss, this isn’t right.

I have been at same job for eight years. I am told I am a valuable employee; I show up, work hard and have called out once in 6 years. This young woman who I do like for the record, quit a few years back, came back last year got promoted to a better position, and she left a month ago. I was hired in her position and it gives me no more money which I can live with, and gives me great hours.

I was just informed that this woman has been approached by my boss that he will offer her more money and full time if she came back. Mind you, I’m not a slacker, and because this woman left abruptly, I was left to learn from a frustrated boss. Wasn’t easy and I’m still learning, but I feel I’m doing a good job. I’m trying to be mature about things. I was just in this girl’s wedding.

She hasn’t said anything to me, but did speak to another coworker who told me. I’m glad I have time to process the possibilities, but I’m deeply saddened. I feel it’s very sneaky. I’m a team player and have many times put my work before family. Basically I’m the Yes girl. Please guide me so I take the high road and don’t get resentful. I run from confrontation but want to say to my boss, this isn’t right. But then again is life fair? In essence, I will have a job with this employer, just not what he promised me. Thank you.

Signed, Hopefully Not Resentful

Dear Hopefully Not Resentful:

You’ve answered your question. You assert yourself by frankly speaking with your boss about the rehiring rumor with an increase in pay and you disclose your feeling that this isn’t fair. Why? Because you have been the loyal hardworking soul who had to take up the slack when this individual quit. You approach this as a mature professional who is a team player and has earner her right to learn if this rumor is true.

Use this occasion to engage your superior in discussion of your career. Good bosses don’t boss those who just have a job. Rather they feel for, dream and plan with those they boss.

This is an opportunity to refresh your connection with your boss. Talk with her/him about ideas you have for cutting wasted supplies, energy, time, and money. Talk with her/him about talk; the way you like to be consulted and how instructions can be most efficiently and effectively given. Talk about how she/he wants you to voice your concerns. Talk about serving internal and external customers better. Talk about what could make your work group function as a team.

Don’t allow this rumored rehiring to become the subject of gossip. Resolve that you will not speak about another about what you don’t first speak to them. Focus on the big picture; what will make these next years after your eight an even more worker-friendly and value-added. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS; by that I mean you are instrumental is doing what it takes not to allow this seemingly unfairness to obsess you and that requires voicing feelings and good reasons for all being treated fairly to your boss.

William Gorden