Co-workers Defame Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about co-workers slander:

Co-Workers are telling false information to other co-workers about me and are defaming my professional character in the Archaeology Field. Due to my steady advancement in the field, I continually hear from the crew I manage, how another crew tries to slander my professional character with other co-workers. Do I have any legal rights to stop the harassment? I have already experienced sexual discrimination, slander, libel, and defamation of character. What are my next steps? To whom should I speak?

Signed, What Can I Do?

Dear What Can I Do?:

On the surface it sound like you need legal advice, but first you need to log the details (who said what to whom and witnesses with dates) and the harm that has caused to your employment and reputation. The same goes for your charges of sexual discrimination. This is a way of learning if you are indeed slandered and discriminated against or if you simply have allowed gossip to cause you to feel you are a target. Have you informed your boss of these matters and requested that she/he investigate and advise you of what is learned? Possibly he/she will enlist your help to trace down if, where, and why the false rumors are passed around and will then propose what might be done to stop them.

The sad truth is that co-workers gossip, and sometimes that gossip focuses on and demeans others co-workers or their bosses.If the appropriate authorities (Boss, Human Resources, Legal Department, Equal Opportunity Officer) do not resolve your complaint, third you need to seek the counsel of an attorney who handles such matters.Since you say that you have received steady advancement making a case for harm caused by slander or sexual discrimination might be problematic.

Pinning down rumors often is difficult, and the best course of action is to steel your self against them by putting the energy you might expend fighting falsehoods into the work you love. Also by doing your best to build bridges of cooperation that are important to achieving your goals, in your case in Archaeology. That is best accomplished when you see yourself as a cheerleader of your crew and other crews rather than as one who talks against others about yourself as a target. Speak up for your self only when really necessary. Guard against a battle of egos. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden