Coffee Feel Good

I’ve always loved coffee because I believe it makes people happy and brings people together. So when I started working at a coffee shop last year, it was a perfect match for me. I’ve had many weird or fun experiences since being there but one stood out to me because it felt so special. A regular at the coffee shop came in one day, I had just started and didn’t know who she was. My coworker, and friend, whispered to me that the lady’s husband had very recently passed away and that she is moving to Florida to be closer to her family. I could already tell that this woman was sad without saying anything. We exchanged words and I took her order as I normally would but then came time for her to pay.

She reached down to her purse and pulled out a wallet. But right as she did this, she immediately paused and stared at the wallet. As I’m patiently waiting for her to hand me the credit card, she starts sobbing.

As she’s crying, she apologizes, saying, “I’m so sorry but this was my husband’s wallet.” My coworker, who had known her for years, walks around the counter and hugs the lady as she’s crying. Meanwhile, I’m frozen behind the register because this was one of my first days and I had never experienced a situation like this. After a minute or so, I hear my coworker start to pray with this lady. Although I’m Jewish and not very religious, this touched me so much because this woman was feeling incredibly sad and alone and my friend surrounded her with the support she needed. This is why I love my job because coffee can connect people and give them love when they need it most.