Complains of Co-workers Saying He Smells!


A friend has been complaining of co-workers talking behind his back that he smells. He has seen the GP and Dentist. They gave him advice and he follows. I find nothing wrong with him, but it seems every time he goes to work, he is disturbed with comments. My worry is he has stopped eating proteins, onion, butter, milk, and he is depressed to the point of losing weight. Please help?




Dear Concerned:

Since your friend has seen his physician and dentist and has received all the advice that he can get and you do not perceive that he smells, perhaps there is something else going on. I am wondering if your friend is really struggling with a hidden depression. He may be insecure in his work situation. His not eating, losing weight may reflect a depression. It bears looking into.

It should be established for a fact that he does or doesn’t have a hygiene problem. Sharing caring is what we call WEGO mindedness.

Ed Hollenberg