Cords And Wires

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about safety:

Are there any OSHA rules about cords and wires from radios in the workplace?

Signed, Are There?

DearĀ Are There?:

Your answer comes from guest respondent Bob Byers, an OSHA expert: Several areas of OSHA law would possibly apply to the use of cords and wires. The major problem would be if these devices are being powered by extension cords. OSHA states very specifically that extension cords are for temporary use only, with temporary being to complete the immediate task for which they are used and then removed. Any longer term use would require hard wiring the device. (the engineered control – always the required option) Another area that is often a problem with cords is as tripping hazards in the workplace.

The General Duty Clause requires the employer provide a safe workplace for the employee. Anything that would compromise that safe environment could result in a citation. So placement of the cords, length of the cords (since distance generates greater heat), amount of amp draw off that outlet, ground fault interrupts, etc could all be concerns. But assuming the device is UL approved and not causing any other problem, then I see no violation in using them. OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer Customized Training and Development LLC

Bob Byers