Coworker Makes My Life Miserable in Law Firm

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an extremely unpleasant coworker:

6 mos on job in firm as case mgr in new area of law for me; co-worker has no education, but experience of 15 years and knows her SSD law well- better than the attorney. Won’t directly answer questions, share knowledge and purposely makes my life miserable. The attorney depends much on her expertise; therefore, kisses butt. She is not as busy, won’t help out or lend a hand; not a team player. The disturbing part is her manipulation, lies and actually enjoys when a mistake is made (likely one she set me up to make). What to do?

Signed —Extremely Frustrated and Ready To Quit

Dear Extremely Frustrated and Ready To Quit: we owe you an apology for not sending an answer to your question earlier. It was not until yesterday that I learned of your question. A new technician charged with administration of our server automatically confirmed receipt of your submitted question, but failed to have it forwarded. As you know if you have scanned our site, the best advice in some cases is to vote with your feet. An that is the advice we have given to those who send in questions such as yours from law firms. Life is too short to tolerate hostile behavior you describe. So put up with as much of Ms. Arrogant as you can while looking for a job elsewhere. And confront your manipulating coworker her either before or after an exit interview. She will likely not take it well. So expect put downs rather than a Sorry to See You Go Party.

You have already or will find there are workplaces with good coworkers. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Then do send us feel good moments from you new job. –William Gorden