Cross Training?


I am looking for some information on cross-training in the work place. Pro’s, con’s, strategies, etc. Thank you


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There are a number of advantages to cross-training in the workplace: –It provides more variety and challenge to workers (many employees complain about non-challenging jobs and lack of variety in their work). –It puts their job into the context of the entire organization. This allows them to understand the “bigger picture” and how their job fits in. –It helps workers be more sympathetic to other workers and departments and helps them better meet the needs of their “internal customers”. –It fosters creativity and new and better ways of doing things by bringing new ideas into a department. Longtime workers in any area sometimes develop tunneled vision and the status quo can become too comfortable and improvement seen as not necessary or desired. –It provides for better coverage when employees are off or when the demands in certain areas increase or decrease. –The cross training can be seen as personal development and can improve employee opportunities for promotions and transfers (it needs to be sincerely presented in this manner and results need to be demonstrated to employees with resulting promotions and transfers when appropriate). –It provides employees with better employability within the organization as well as outside of the organization. –It increases flexibility and creativity within the organization as employees are exposed to different jobs and ways of doing things. Important factors to consider: 1. Some employees will resist cross-training and doing other jobs. 2. Make it clear to all employees why the organization is doing this and what the advantages and disadvantages are. 3. Consider how the cross-training time will impact on employee’s regular jobs. If handled well, openly and honestly, cross-training can provide an organization and its workers with many advantages and increases in productivity, morale, and quality. Guest Respondent Performance Consultant/Trainer Kolman Rosenberg & Associates 9270 Wyant Drive Mentor, OH 44060 440-255-7663 P.S. The current newsletter of Winning Workplaces describes the training of the Reston, Viginia based High Performance Technologies (HPTi). If interested log on

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