Dear Rumored To Be Fired:


Today I came down with a case of the flu. When I called work my GM informed me that I need a doctor’s excuse to remain employed. I was very surprised because I don’t miss much work, not nearly as much as some of my co-workers. I do not have any health insurance so it is hard for me to afford doctor visits. Is it the employer’s responsibility to pay for doctor’s visits when they require an excuse? If it is, is there a place online that I can prove it to them? I live in the state of Wisconsin if it matters. Thanks for any help.




DearĀ Fired?:

Two responses arrived today from guest respondents to whom I shipped your question. I think you will find them consistent and helpful in different ways. I trust that by now you are well and working. 1. Just get the doctor’s excuse. It will be less hassle in the long run. Plus it’s cheaper to pay the doctor 80 to 100 dollars than go without work, is it not? You probably qualified with enough missed days to earn the doc’s excuse. But it doesn’t hurt to inquire of them. Have a great day! Dan Kearney, Guest Respondent & HR Manager

2. Employers may require an employee to present a doctor’s excuse when returning to work due to an illness. This policy is usually spelled out in the Employee Handbook. Employers are not required to pay for the doctor’s visit for the employee even when it is required as company policy. Often an employee (without health insurance) could go the county health department for an examination, recommendation for further medical attention and obtain a documented report of the visit, which could be presented to the employer. Gerald Allen, Guest Respondent with HR experience May health be with you and Wisconsin’s sunshine on you this spring. Our best to you and your workplace.

William Gorden