Defamation Of Character


I was terminated over hearsay after one week of work. No explanation just “we heard” and “we need to terminate you.” I need advice. The accusation is false and I am now out of a job after giving up 3 other opportunities for this one.


Fired After One Week


DearĀ Fired After One Week:

I am sorry you have had such a disappointment after your hope that you judged would be good enough to turn down three other opportunities. You think that decision to fire you was based on false hearsay. To prove harm done because of lies told about you is very difficult; however, if you want to investigate if you have a case of defamation, gather the evidence of this and take it to an attorney. You’ll need witnesses or recording of exactly what was said that was false, when, where and to whom. Moreover, to prove consequent harm done, you probably will need “proof” that your working reputation was so damaged because of that false hearsay that you were rejected upon applying for jobs.

Employers can fire you for a good reason or no reason unless you are under a contract that specifics conditions of termination. There could be many reasons you were fired after only one week even though you were told it was because of “hearsay”. So I wouldn’t pin my hopes of winning a defamation case; nor would I blame my firing on someone spreading a false characterization of me. Rather than see myself as a victim, if I were smart, I would see if I could learn more about why; possibly by speaking to coworkers of that workplace. And I would replay what happened that one week to learn what I did that might have started the “fire her/him” procedures. Also I would renew my application at the three places to which you chose not to go and also apply elsewhere. What is it in your resume or personality that impressed those places to make offers to you? Within one week or ten days, you haven’t changed so renew faith in yourself. Job hunts are rarely a walk in the park with a recruiter saying you are just the one we need. Instead job hunts can be stressful, tiring and discouraging. Therefore realizing that, begin in earnest. Study what you might bring to places to which you apply. Then pursue them. Linkedin and other sites advise what employers look for. See 7 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in Employees By Jeff Haden | @jeff_haden

| Jan 17, 2012. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. What kind of work can you do with your hands? With your head? And most of all what could you put your heart into? For now you might just need a job, just any job, but also think in terms of a career and what it takes to qualify for certain careers. I hope after a couple of weeks you will write that you have a job and are seeing it as one step on a career path.

William Gorden