Demoted After Pregnancy Leave


Here’s my story. I was working 3rd shift as a plate-maker for a local printing company. When I became pregnant, I notified my boss that I would no longer be able to work those hours once the baby came.

When I returned from maternity leave, I was given a different job, one that was physically more challenging, bur not as mentally challenging. I was put in the factory. Along with this “demotion”, as I like to call it, I was also given a pay cut that was almost a third of my wages. Is this legal?

I have worked for this company for over 13 years and I can’t believe they did this. Is there anything I can do? Please help!




Dear Demoted:

This is an FMLA issue. Did you ask for FMLA leave? If yes, then you have a legitimate grievance that you should explore. If you did not specifically ask for FMLA, then you have a problem. There are criteria you must adhere to in order to be eligible for FMLA. I suggest you explore them to see if you qualify. You did not mention FMLA anywhere in your letter; therefore, I must assume you did not discuss or ask for FMLA. Good luck and keep us abreast of your situation.

Seeking and sharing the facts makes for informed action. Once you learn the facts, possibly Mr. Kearney can advise further. Until then, it is important that you do not badmouth your bosses and that you then present your case in a professional manner. Hopefully, you will come under regulations that make for fair treatment or that you can make your self heard persuasively for that. Thinking and acting in behalf of your family is also the mindset and action that should characterize your workplace. We symbolize that with our signature WEGO. We wish you and your family the best possible.

Dan Kearney