Discirimination Lawsuit?


About five years ago, I lost a very nice part-time job that paid $20 per hour. I was working at a public school as a night custodian. We built a new addition to three schools and they hired additional help, all full-time employees. I asked for one of the positions, but was never interviewed. I complained about it. After that I was written up every day (5) the first week of school. Prior to that I had not been written up at all during my first six years. I would like to file a lawsuit but I think the status of limitation has passed.


Time Has Passed But It Still Hurts


Dear Time Has Passed But It Still Hurts:

It is clear you feel that you were treated unjustly. You were blamed and written up for something. But, I can’t know for what from the little you reveal about the reasons given for being written up five days in the first week of school. Neither can I know if too much time has passed for a lawsuit. You can consult an attorney to learn if you are within your time limits. The fact is that our site doesn’t provide legal advice; however, unless you can make a case for discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability, to odds of suing for being written up are slim indeed.

Is it too late to speak with those who wrote you up and to think through if their reasons were justified? Probably it is not. Is it too late to speak with coworkers to get their advice about what happened and on what you might do to qualify for full time work or a job elsewhere? Probably it is not. Is it too late to put the past in the past and to gear up for the days ahead? Probably it is not.

Rather than carry a grudge against those who wrote you up, might it not be better to put the past behind you? Replaying this hurt can only hurt you and sour those who must hear you rehearse your injustice. So pick your self up and determine to make the best of what has been handed you. Realize that many of us have had disappointments and many, who have been fired, have forged ahead.

We know that because we have gotten enough positive follow-ups from those who have written about hurts akin to yours. I propose you scan other of the hundreds of our Q&As and also Workplace Doctors Tina Lewis Rowe’s inspirational and savvy advice on her own site http://tinalewisrowe.com/ Please feel free to tell us how it is going from time to time. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden