Fired for Dishonesty

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about termination due to dishonesty: What is considered dishonest behavior?

What is considered dishonest behavior if you are terminated for begin accused of making a statement.

Signed, Out

DearĀ Out:

I assume you are talking about being fired for lying. Right? Description of the circumstances of this situation to which you refer is so absent that it’s difficult for me to offer an opinion, but I imagine you are asking about what evidence should an employer have if he/she fires you. Good management would want the most reliable evidence possible, such as written or testimony hearsay that the accused lied.

However, discharge of an employee outside of contractual employment probably is under the “at will” doctrine. As you may know, an employee can quit whenever he/she decides to and an employer can fire an employee whenever and for a good reason or no reason unless that employee is under a contract that specifies cause for dismissal. If you provide more information, my answer would not be so generic.

The reason for you writing us, probably is because you feel justification for your firing is problematic and that management has inadequate proof of wrong done. We don’t provide legal advice, so you might want to seek legal advice to learn if you have a case for wrongful discharge. It is most likely that if you were fired, things were not going well between you and your boss and/or others within your workplace. Therefore, rather than seeing yourself as a victim, would not the best use of your time be to review what preceded and then caused this decision to dismiss?

We learn from our own as well as the behavior of others. So to conclude, I wish you the best these next few weeks as you move on from what probably are difficult times. There are good workplaces and I hope you find a place that both enables you to provide bread on the table and roof over your head and one in which you can do good along side of doing well. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS is my way of saying if you are feeling down, I hope you will find another job that makes you feel up.

William Gorden