Dismissed for Health Issues


My employer has treated me awful for 3 1/2 years. I took a vavcation for the first time since my employment, and when I got back, the e-mail abuse started. This is a private home setting so no one knows how these people treated me but me. They also are abusive to each other. I got fired although they never said why. What can I do? I was attacked viciously by one of their dogs and injured. I was NEVER asked about my injury. Nor did I get an apology. I got no offer to go to the Doctor. They knew I needed the money.




DearĀ Fired:

It is good that you are out of a workplace such as you describe. If you were seriously injured in the course of your employment, you should consult an attorney and solicit her/his help in getting doctor bills paid. Your former employer should have insurance to cover injury of employees.

Now is the time to put this unhappy experience behind you. Don’t talk, talk, talk it to death with family and friends. Rather, get your resume’ in order listing projects you have worked on in past employment, skills you have, and education. What did you do during the 3 1/2 years of with that employer?

Briefly describe those things you did and alert those who should think positively about you for permission to list them as references. While not dwelling on the abuse of the past, might it be wise to review the things you learned about working with abusive people and why they were abusive? What did they say or do that was abusive? And how did you respond? Did you soak up the abuse or flare back? Did you respond assertively such as “Is there something that I have done to insult or harm you? If so, please say what, and, if we can discuss that calmly, I’ll do my best to not do that again.” Incidentally, I have changed the wording in your question so that it might read more clearly one it is posted. Finally, I suggest that you think through what you want in a job and career. Find ways to acquire the needed training and certification for work in a field you feel good about. Working in a job you don’t like with people who are disagreeable can make you miserable day after day. So prepare to the best of your ability and use this time to find a good place in which to work.

In spite of a world that is not fair and people who are not always kind, sing as though no one can hear you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Live as though heaven is on earth. (Words of Souza) In short, see your self as a cheerleader, one that cheers yourself up while cheering others. Does this make sense to you in your time of pain? Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS.

William Gorden