Disrespect/humiliation at Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss: I am very tired of being humiliated at work by my boss.

I am very tired of being humiliated at work by my boss. He starts saying condescending things to me and then jumps all over me with an audience around. One time he was yelling at me while I was in the hallway. Other people were in his office & we had other employees going up & down the hall. This has happened 3 times now with an audience.

Signed, Want to Call In Sick

Dear Want to Call In Sick:

You deserve respect and you shouldn’t have to fight for it alone. I don’t know how large is your work organization, but if it has counseling, take it. Calling in sick could give you space for a day, and possibly since this is Friday, it you would have the weekend to pull yourself together. However, you have a right to ask for a transfer within your company.

You can request an investigation by Human Resources or Employee Assistance. You say your effort to explain (probably you attempted to justify what your boss was yelling about) escalated out of control; therefore, it would be helpful to have someone present when he meets with you. Is that possible?

If you had a union, you could request that. However, probably the best course is to go first to counseling and/or HR or to firmly tell him that you have decided to go there rather than have another escalating situation or lecture from him. Unfortunately your boss has learned how to boss badly. I’m not sure anyone can transform him. Hopefully, you this trouble will help you learn how to confront authority and will result in getting him the help he needs. I could say more but because you want advice for today, I’m hurrying this replay.

Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and that sometimes means you have to speak up for yourself and get help.

William Gorden