Doctor’s Excuse Required?


I’d like to know how many days do you have to miss work before your employer could ask for a doctor’s note?


Excuse Me


Dear Excuse Me:

A required doctor’s excuse for missed days in an individual company policy. As a general rule, many companies require a doctor’s excuse after three days of consecutive absence. Of course, an employee would be expected to call in for each day during this period of absence. I know of some companies that require a doctor’s excuse for each day of absence considered “Sick Day” absence. The thought is that the employee is sick enough to go to the doctor or well enough to come to work. If you do not know when the doctor’s excuse is required concerning absences, you should review your employee handbook or discuss it with your supervisor, a human resources person, or an appropriate person in supervision/management. Should you know not the number of days allowed by your company before the doctor excuse is required and you have concerns about the fairness of the policy, discuss the matter with you immediate supervisor or someone in management. You may be an instrument of change should a change be appropriate. Best of luck. Putting yourself in management’s shoes is the beginning of thinking WEGO.

Gerald Allen