Does a Year’s Work Mean I’m Permanent?

Is it possible to act in a position without signing a contract for more than a year and not be given the position permanently?  —Want To Know

Dear Want To Know:

For advice to your question, I invited Danica Rice, a Human Resource manager. Danica replied:  it’s hard to answer because I do not know what type of what this is referring to. In order to provide an accurate response more information is needed.  Ohio is an at-will state which means employment with almost all employers is at-will. The employer can terminate for or without cause as well as the employee can leave the employee with or without any reason. If a contract is in place then the contract has to be upheld or either party could be held liable for breach of the contract. Again, without more information this is all I can say about this question. 

Yes, it is possible. Your question implies it is a fact. Apparently you have worked faithfully and would like to be employed permanently. So far, you have no contract or letter of employment. I doubt that is a legal matter, but a brief call to a labor attorney should provide an answer for you without a fee. What you need is clear communication with your immediate supervisor and the one who hired you. Surely after a year that employer and you should know if you are a good fit within your workplace. You should feel free to request a meeting with the appropriate individual and to ask about your performance and prospects for permanent employment. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. –William Gorden