Does My Boss Want Me Gone?


I have been working at my job for the past six years, but recently by supervisor is sick so she is leaving the job. I am worried now about my job because we have a new trainee and I have to train her to do my my job description I am worried that if she does the job better then me what could happen to me. Do you think I need to worry?


Am Worried


DearĀ Am Worried:

It is understandable that you might worry. These are difficult times and downsizing is the rule. However, you have worked in this company for six years. That is to your credit. Also apparently you know your job well enough to be assigned to train a new hire for the same kind of work you do. That too is to your credit. So worry if you will, but also realize that you have these two things going for you. Continue to be the most skilled and productive employee as possible. Do a good job of training. Doing that should make you even more competent. Count your blessings. You have a job and hopefully your company is hiring or at least is replacing employees. I say this because you say your supervisor is leaving and you are to train a new hire.

Rather than be glum about the possibility of losing your job, focus on ways you might cut wasted time, wasted supplies, and wasted energy. Think up new ways to better do what you do and to serve your internal and external customers. Be of good cheer. Avoid gossip about the training someone to do what you do. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. Now what do you think that means for you?

William Gorden