Effective Team Work


Over the course of time, our group has endured several challenges and concerns that have held us back. Due to our diverse academic course work, employment and athletic commitments we have found it difficult to find mutual times to meet and share in our course responsibilities. Consequently, we have assigned certain group members a portion of our assignment that has been uneven. We are currently seeking new and creative means to completing assignments where each group member participates in the completion of the task. Currently, we have not utilized any new social media technologies such as web chat that allow us to get work accomplished with being physically together. I would appreciate whatever feedback and advice that you can offer our group that allows us to share the load evenly and support one another throughout the process. Thank you very much for your time and thought. -Kent State University Student.




Dear J:

Jordan: your concern for meeting times outside of class is important; however, the success of your next project doesn’t hinge on that. I commend you for trying to produce a good product. If certain members are unable to meet, you are forced to work with those who are willing. Use the time well that is provided in class. In our teams’ class I’ve observed that not all time is well used. In our next class, there will be over an hour for continuing work on Newsletter 2. Of course you have phones and email. I’m sure there will be some difficulty in pulling a project together. That is normal, but you’ve not had heavy assignments for class work other than your two newsletters so that hasn’t pulled your team away from its tasks. You can get help in the Student Media Center if you didn’t learn what to do to cooperatively compose and edit your newsletters from its director. Keep your chin up. I’m sure you are a serious student.

William Gorden