Employment Transfer Reimbursement


If my employment contract states that I may be transferred to another site within the Company under consultation with me and this transfer results in an additional 600 kilometres per week that I have to travel, is the employer obligated to reimburse my additional costs to travel?


Travel Costs!


Dear Travel Costs!:

I shipped your query to Manager of Human Resources Dan Kearney, and he stated that most likely what you can expect hinges on what is stated in your contract; he wrote: “Since it is a benefit and not a work issue then it depends upon the contract. I would think that the employer would move the individual. I’ve never heard or read a case otherwise. I’m assuming the travel is between home and work and not, let’s say, sales calls or visits to retail outlets, then I would make inquiries to travel arrangements. But with the economy the way it is, he should be happy he has a job. I know I sound terrible but he should be glad he can still pay his bills. I need more info on this to make a judgment based upon investigating his claim.” You might contact your state or national Department of Labor or if in a union, its officials. Recently one company in France gave employees an offer to transfer to its plant in India, at much lower pay, and even with flight paid, I heard that no one accepted the transfer.

Do let us know how your situation is resolved. My signature statement: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS will not strike you as maxim that is applicable in such options as you have been presented. But I hope you can work your way through this difficult time of a difficult choice.

William Gorden