False Allegation Of Harassment!


Two weeks ago I found myself the subject of a harassment case at work. A fellow workmate had contacted our firms personnel department and named me in his report as the cause of his harassment at work. An investigation took place within work and interviews were held. My immediate boss and his boss were interviewed, as was myself and another workmate, who my accuser had called as a witness. My personnel department contacted me last week to inform me that they had spoken to my accuser and told him their findings and asked him if he was happy with the findings and the way it had all been handled. He said that he was happy. I was never told what the findings were and no changes have been made in my workplace, i.e., no one has been made to move shifts, so I assume from this that the investigation found the allegations untrue. Could you tell me if I am entitled to know the findings of the investigation and, as I have been at my wits end with worry for the last two weeks, have I got any comeback against my accuser? I don’t know if it makes any difference but I am in Northern Ireland.


Not Guilty


Dear Not Guilty:

It seems reasonable that you should be given a report regarding a harassment accusation and investigation. Generally, employees are entitled to learn what is on file regarding them and to respond to what is there in writing. Speak with your Human Resource Manager or Personnel Officer to learn what is the policy and law.

Our site does not provide legal advice, nor do we have access to the labor law in Ireland. Please keep us posted on what you learn. Put your faith in communication with appropriate channels. Learn from this unpleasant accusation. Stay cool and professional in all do and say. Then do not obsess about it.

Think and act in the spirit of what is good for yourself and those with whom you work, what we mean by WEGO.

William Gorden