Feel Good Balanced Against Frustrations

I feel good when I work hard and can see myself improving in my work. I am a hair stylist and I am newly on the floor at my salon. The other stylist that I work with are quite older and have been doing hair for much longer than me. When I say quite older I mean that they are all between 22-31. A specific instance that I would like to talk about just happened over the weekend.

I had a girl in my chair that had very coarse, very thick curly hair. I am not used to working with hair like this as those clients are usually given to the upper level stylist. I did not know what products to use or how to do her hair. Luckily, I asked one of the stylist that is used to doing curly hair and she gave me exactly what products to use and how much to use of them. She told me how to blow-dry and straighten it to get the best results. It came out amazing! The other stylist (Ashley) gave me a compliment on it which is a pretty big deal as Ashley can be hard to warm up to. My client left feeling very happy and she even told me that most people cannot get her hair as straight as I did. It made me feel very good inside to help someone feel as beautiful as she did when she left the salon that day!

When it comes to communication in my workplace, I think it could be better. We have issues with expressing how we feel to each other when we are having a rough day. For example, I was trying to book an appointment for a client and my coworker was hovering and trying to tell me what to do while I was on the phone. It was very frustrating because I was trying to listen to what the client wanted while also trying to listen to her. I felt anger because I had been using the booking system since before I started working at my salon. I have more experience with this system than my coworker does. I ended up snapping at her in front of the client and I knew that did not make the salon look good. I feel that we need to work on communicating efficiently without letting the client know that there may be an issue.