Feel Good From Corporate Consulting

A “feel good” from one of our occasional guest respondents:

One of my highest impact analysis/intervention projects is still posted on my LinkedIn page by client Michael Bush, President at Ganeden in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Ganeden produces probiotics used as additives found in scores of name-brand foods throughout America.

Mr. Bush’s quote is “Don worked with Ganeden to help refine our sales process and did a fantastic job of helping us take a highly complex sales cycle and boil it down into simple, measurable chunks. I highly recommend Don and his work as he is an excellent development professional.” I designed and led the process to analyze Ganeden’s complex sales process with significant variables, involving multiple departments and companies contributing product testing, approvals, etc. We were able to create a standardized complex process from many variables, which became available to everyone involved. The goal was to improve effectiveness and efficiency in a standardized approach, so all parties involved could contribute to and could track the process in a more organized and team-like fashion, which took months to get through all the steps.