Fired And File Denied


I was terminated yesterday, I asked for a copy of my file,but that was denied. The rumor is that I am accused of making threats. That is untrue. My concern is that this may keep me from recieving unemployment and will be asked when seeking a new job about why I was fired on my application.


Out & Hunting


DearĀ Out & Hunting:

Being fired can’t be fun. Are you telling me that you were fired with no reason given? Is that the whole story? You say you have heard you are accused of making threats. How did you hear that? It is not logical that someone who comes to work on time, puts in a solid day of work, and speaks civilly to his/her boss and co-workers will be fired without given a reason.

Apparently, you need to ask the same person again or someone who handles personnel matters for a copy of your file and to learn what is the reason for your firing. You should be entitled to respond to an accusation–to respond in writing and to confront your accuser. This is the way it should be, but if you work as most people do “at the will or whim of and employer” you can be fired for good reason or no reason. That is one of the reasons unions were formed. You can pursue the cause for your firing on your own if you think there is no justification for your termination. It seems from this distance that communication between you and your boss must have been bad or in short supply. Possibly seeking this information can be help you know the full story without groveling if you schedule an appointment with the one who fired you or the appropriate personnel officer. Do not give up without putting faith and action in voicing your case if you know you have been a valuable employee. If rather you know that the rumor of threats might have some justification or that there are other sound reasons for your firing, shake the dust from your feet and seek work elsewhere. Don’t mention problems at your former job unless pressed about that. But never should you lie. Be ready to describe your skills, work experience, and what value you can provide a future employer.

Apply for unemployment compensation, but don’t waste time living on it. If you are denied it, you might consult with an attorney. Usually, one will tell you if you have a case and not charge for a brief consultation. Get out in the job hunt every day. The longer you brood over a firing the harder it will be to put this behind you. Learn from this.

Some people who have been fired say that was the best thing that ever happened to them. Their firing was what they needed to get started on making be the best possible in their lives. What will this mean for you? You now seem to see yourself as a victim. Might you make the best of a bad situation? Only you know. Self-interest is necessary, but WEGO mindedness might help you find a good place to work for and in.

William Gorden