Fired But Wife’s Still Working Where She Had An Affair

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a complicated situation:

I was terminated in Sept of 2018 by a major fortune 100 employer. The director of my department had been in a long term affair with my wife. Who also worked and still works for the company. When I was confronted by my wife’s BF, I objected to the affair and resulting harassment. I was then fired. Then in addition I was blacklisted using the PADS nuclear security access system. Is my issue more title VII or slander or harassment? or what other civil or criminal laws apply? Thank you. Signed Fired Because

Dear Fired Because:

Our site responds to communication-related workplace issues, and I am advising from that perspective. Your question suggests that you have had two major problems and perhaps another two: 1. Your wife’s affair and your troubled or ended marriage. 2. A 2018 firing related to objecting to the affair. 3. Possible “blacklisting”  via PADS. 4. Title VII implications related to civil or criminal law.

Each of these issues most probably will require professional help. They will need more specifics whether it is a marriage counselor or an attorney. Did you log what was evidence of what you alleged occurred? If so, that will help counselors to evaluate if you can be helped. Also they will need to learn what you have done  since 2018 and if you have evidence (proof) of harm you’ve suffered. Also you should realize whatever you elect to do might affect your wife’s job and subsequently her and your income. Working together with hands, head and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. –William Gorden