Fired By Boss’ Son

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired:

My boss’ son called me and got really nasty on my phone, cussing me because I told him to tell me how many people he wanted to put on a project. I hung up; he called me back and left me a message that I was fired. Do you see any justice in this?

Signed, Fired

Dear Fired:

There is no justice for being cussed for asking how many people to put on a project and then fired. However, I’m sure that is not all the story; is it? The important thing is to learn from this. If you were the boss or the boss’ son, how would you boss differently? Would you have given clearer instructions? Would you have involved those below in determining how many employees were needed for a project?¬† Would you never have been nasty and cussed an employee? Would you as a boss have enough self-confidence that you would encourage rather than discourage argument about how a project should be done? Would you have engaged all permanent employees in the business; training them in the financial side of a project and establishing profit sharing for commitment to quality work?

Learning good things from bad bosses is the best you can do when fired. Now it’s time not to be sour and bitter, but to resolve that you will do your part when next employed to create boss-to-bossed teamwork. That is not something that you find fully in place, but one that you earn and build. How? You are responsible and work as though you owned the place. You talk about how you can get instructions and assignments clear. You find ways to cut wasted supplies, wasted time, wasted money and wasted energy. In short you see the big picture. Do this and your next job will not be just a job; it will be step in a career.If you scan some our thousands of Q&As, you will see other unhappy employees who’ve been fired, some for good reasons and some for no reason. You also will find advice that makes sense and some that doesn’t apply because we workplace doctors haven’t had the full picture before we have given it. That probably is the case in my answer to you. But hopefully some it makes sense and that you will apply it in the days ahead. Finally, you will read and wonder how to apply my signature sentence: Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS. By that, I mean if we are to have a successful boss to bossed workplace, what each of us does matters and requires the give and take of collaboration.

William Gorden