Fired By Boss With Less Experience


Recently I was fired by a company in which the manager has only worked for an outsource company and does not have real medical billing experience. I have eighteen years of strong knowledge. How do I cover this up?




Dear Concerned:

Dismissals take place for many things other than level of knowledge or making mistakes. But, even if that is what you were fired for, someone without experience can do it based on complaints, a review of reports or other evaluation of the work.

I think your guestion relates to how can you get another job without making this firing so obvious. If you have eighteen years of excellent evaluations use those as a basis for applying for other work. If possible, see if you can get copies of your former evaluations. If not, give the names of those who gave you high evaluations and state what you remember about the evaluations.

But, also consider if there was any other basis for the firing. Had you been punctual? Did you make too many personal calls or have personal issues you brought to work? Did you have conflicts with others? I’m not saying those were the case, but those are things to consider if you feel your work was excellent.

It’s difficult to move past a dismissal, because it not only can harm your application for other work but also makes you feel badly mentally and emotionally. I know it’s a temptation to say your boss wasn’t knowledgeable, so the firing was wrong. But, probably there was much more to it than you even want to admit to yourself.

Rarely does someone who can show good work get fired just on a whim. If that is the case in your situation, you are lucky to be out of there. Your next step is to develop your resume and apply to many places. Even if you are not 100% happy, the new job will give you a chance to build positive evaluations.

One way to consider any work, including a new job, is to ask to look at the performance evaluation if they have one. Then, consistently and regularly demonstrate something in each of the areas being evaluated. Purposely work to receive the highest possible evalutions as a way to protect your employment and build influence.

Best wishes to you in the future.

Tina Lewis Rowe

Tina Lewis Rowe

Tina had a thirty-three year career in law enforcement, serving with the Denver Police Department from 1969-1994 and was the Presidential United States Marshal for Colorado from 1994-2002. She provides training to law enforcement organizations and private sector groups and does conference presentations related to leadership, workplace communications and customized topics. Her style is inspirational with humor.