Focus Only On Work: Right or Wrong?


I would like to know if it is okay for me to only be focused on my work and not speak to anyone unless I needed something or to say hello and goodbye. If I were to behave in this matter, would I be considered stuck-up?


Yes Or No


Dear Yes Or No:

You know the answer to your question is, “Yes.” Working with others requires civil interaction and that means some small talk as well as talk about one’s work. My recent recommendation to an individual to “Focus on doing assignments effectively, and for the next couple of weeks, except for a smile and hello, communicate with coworkers only if and when you need to do your job” was made to change his/her focus from victim or provoking more bullying. And it was just one of several suggestions, since he/she was unsuccessful in reporting “the specifics of what was said, when, where, and by whom. Include what seemed to provoke each of them–what you did or didn’t do that led to the putdowns and grabbing/hitting.” In short, if bullied, I stated he/she needed to be assertive, but that hopefully if you for a short time would focus on work rather than on being a victim that the problems you had interacting with coworkers would not continue.

If that person is you has the abuse of the past continued? Did you take any of the several suggestions I made? If so, how have they worked out? Have you thought about what effort it would take from you to help your work groups to have big WEGOS? Have you made a genuine effort to be pleasant and friendly yet focused on doing assignments to the best of your ability? I hope so.

William Gorden