Forced to Pay for CPR Recertification

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about certification requirement:

The company I work for makes it mandatory that all employees get re-certified every year. The employees have to pay for this. If it’s mandatory, shouldn’t the company be paying for it?

Signed, Why Me?

Dear Why Me?:

Ideally, your company would cough up the fee for re-certification; however, apparently you don’t work for one that must do that in order to keep its employees. Check with local sources to find organizations whose fees are reasonable or free. The Internet lists several sources. One you might check out is: Free CPR Coursewww.CPRToday.comNationally-recognized CPR Program From A Company CNN Calls “The Best”.

Is it possible that you and your coworkers could be persuasive if and when they collectively make a case for your company to pay? You have a voice and if that voice makes sense and joins with others it is louder. And it is especially loud when it has earned its right to speak because of the value it adds to your company. That is looking at a best case outcome.

Why not think and act positively? Why not see your company as employee friendly? Why not work to make your manager’s look good? Why not suggest ways to cut waste; wasted supplies, wasted time, wasted money? Why not think about doing your job with the highest quality? Perhaps you are doing all these things? If so use that to make your case? Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS?

William Gorden