Ganging Up on Body Odor

Q What to do when a workplace environment, multiples workers ganging up, with over exaggerated behaviors about a person’s body odor? Meaning the smell is not noticeable unless. you get at least 2 feet away or closer.
A. This is to follow up my quick effort about how to communicate re the ganging up against the one with an odor problem. I’ve deleted some of the less applicable sites. But I still recommend the Internet site 

How to Talk to Employees about Body Odor: 20 Polite Ways assume you are sensitive and don’t want your workgroup to mistreat this individual who has an odor problem. I’ll not add details of how to talk with someone or to deal with if the problem individual is you. These sites below contain more than enough suggestions on how to cope with body odor problems within the workplace: How To Tell Someone About Dirty, Smelly Hair?

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