Getting A Raise

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about getting a raise:

My co-worker and I have been complaining to each other about how we deserved a raise. Well, I finally presented my dilemma to our boss, and she has decided to give me a raise, but not my co-worker. She asked me to be discreet about it. Should I mention it to my co-worker or not?

Signed, Mum or Not

Dear Mum or Not:

Where are your loyalties? Aren’t they misplaced. You are hired to work for your boss, not your buddy. Here’s your real dilemma: If you tell your co-worker about your raise and he/she would obviously confront your boss then you should not be surprised if you get terminated because of your lack of discretion. Secondly, she’ll never, ever trust you again so goodbye career at that facility. Your co-worker did not get a raise because they were deemed unworthy.

Tell that person nothing nor let that person ever see your paycheck.

Feedback: Gosh Dan! That was really harsh, but hey, I guess the truth hurts sometimes. I really appreciate your honesty. I guess I felt that since my co-worker and I have always been so close (like sisters almost) that we would certainly discuss such things as raises. But then again, who’s to say that she has never gotten a raise and just had the sense enough not to tell me? I have my answer, and I do thank you for your response.

Dan Kearney, HR Manager, Guest Respondent