Give Me A Break


If a supervisor gives permission to have an extra twenty min break can I be disciplined for it by a manager or even sacked?


Big Break


Dear Big Break:

Unfortunately, you can be fired for a good reason or no reason unless you work under a union negotiated contract or a government regulated work scheduling. You need to get clear on what are the rules within your work organization. We have no way to know them. Our site’s focus is on effective workplace communication. Apparently, your workplace needs to improve on that, and that includes you. It isn’t dumb question to ask about workplace starting, break, and quitting times. Rather than worry about what might happen to you if you take a big break, ask, “Is it ok?”

More than worry about a big break, why not prove that you are the kind of responsible individual who is on the job ten minutes early and not running for exit before you quitting time? Why not talk with your supervisor about what needs to be done? Why not make suggestions to improve quality? Why not cheer on coworkers? Why not do what will make your boss look good?

Think how long a break you would take if you owned your company! Do that and you can answer your own question. Think about making your company the best kind of workplace possible. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, not big breaks. If I have missed addressing your worry about break time, hopefully I have at least spurred you to think beyond time off work.

William Gorden