Gotta’ Go, But Want Privacy!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about vandalized restrooms:

We just recently moved into a great facility. The restrooms are very nice. Lately we have had employees deface the restrooms. Smearing feces on the walls, smearing blood on the walls. Peeing on the floor. The upper management has set in place that an employee must sign in and out with their supervisor before going to the restroom. If they do not they will receive disciplinary action with the company. If the problem persists the company states that they will put cameras in the rest rooms. We are located in Ohio. Are they allowed to do this? Isn’t it an invasion of privacy? Thanks.

Signed, Restroom User

Dear Restroom User:

Employers can read your e-mails, look at your personal computer files and eavesdrop on your phone calls. They can film you with hidden video cameras not only in public areas, but in locker rooms and even restrooms.

The ACLU is trying to fight this as an invasion of privacy, however, their are no laws regulating electronic surveillance in the private sector workplace. So fighting it will make interesting case law.Voice is one thing that is yours. Speak up for what you feel is respectful for employees and the employer. That’s what we call a WEGO mindset. Please let us know what is decided and what works or does not.

Dan Kearney, Guest HR Respondent