Greetings from Big Sis


Just wanted to say HI and thanks again for your past support. Hope all is well for you and your significant other.


Big Sis


Dear Big Sis:

What a pleasant surprise it is to get your note. It’s been years hasn’t it since you last wrote the Workplace Doctors? I assume that you have seen our current redesigned site: If so, I’m sure you have scanned several of our recent Q&As. Associate Workplace Doctor Tina Lewis Rowe continues to hammer out some of the wisest advice possible. I’ve wondered if you have passed on our site to others and if your little sis is getting along well in her job should she still be working. Tina started a site of her own that is beautiful in her use of photographs and neat essays. You might find the ones on friends at work and Memorial Day of interest.

Speaking of sites, I recently became aware of the most thoroughly researched writing of the founder of TomDispatch. For example, you might be dismayed if you lived in Utah or Nevada about uranium mining that is described in its most recent issue.

I continue my writing. The most recent includes a couple of plays I revised from when I was directing in Georgia many years ago and a 100,000 word draft that has been reworked over ten years based on my experience and thinking about religion. It’s titled Embracing Uncertainty: The Rhetoric of Bible-Based Faith Vs The Rhetoric of Doubt. A more humorous title might be The Unbuckling of The Bible Belt.

I continue painting. Recently I’ve playing with the whimsical style of Kandinsky’s early period; Some 25 years ago I saw an exhibit of those at the Hershorn n DC. If you scroll down through my painting page you will come across a series with a different style. I’ve painted about a dozen in this style but they are not yet posted on my site. The sister of Natalie Glass, the woman, who redesigned our Ask The Workplace Doctors site, ordered three pictures for her bedroom similar to ones I did for her sister. It took three series of three paintings before I got colors that suited her in matching those colors on her bed.

See 0119, Three Sisters is the title I gave it because this woman is one of three sisters. The other attempts to please her are now on the walls of my home and I like them better than the set she bought: 0116 & 0117.

I know my ramblings go well beyond acknowledgement of your thoughtful note, but this is my way of saying, how good it is of you to let me know you are still alive. I remember you as a straight talker with more than common sense.

William Gorden