Harassment After Retirement

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about resignation and no benefits:

When I was employed in the same district, I was assigned a special project to change a student service program in our school district in 2001. Because co-workers were against it, I did not follow through with the task & my contract was NOT renewed. I then transferred to another district in the same county. At the end of the year, I submitted a letter of resignation and retired in 2003 because of burn out & harassment. As a consequence I was not awarded my health benefits after 24 years of service and I continue to be blackballed & harassed. As a result of the above I am starting to feel paranoid. Do you have any suggestions of what can I do to remedy this dilemma.

Signed, Blackballed & Harassed

Dear Blackballed & Harassed:

Our site responds to communication questions, not legal or psychological. It appears that denial of health medical benefits is a retirement matter based on state law and resolution of that either positive of negative hinges of legal help. Feeling and reacting paranoid, of course, is a matter of psychological ill health and you might seek counsel from a community or religious institution. Short of that, common sense suggests that you log the incidents that precipitate your paranoid thoughts. This would entail the context of times you think you are blackballed and harassed.

Such a log should enable you to reflect on what is imagined and real and to cope with those thoughts in a rationale way.Meanwhile, might it help you to get out of yourself? By that I mean paranoid thoughts can play and replay and replay in your head when you are focused you me, me, me. What if you made a concerted effort to focus on others less fortunate than you? For example, might tutoring children or adults at your local library transform the me, me, me to we, we, we? I’m sure there are dozens of other activities in your area begging for bodies–choirs, or reading, workout or hiking club, or cooking class.

My fitness center has yoga and zumba. My wife takes yoga and I’m the only guy in zumba. Believe there is no time to focus on my problems while trying to keep up with new steps. I don’t mean to minimize your mental state, but possibly you could find some of these thoughts worth trying while you get counsel from professional of trusted friends. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS, and by that I mean we are interdependent people. When we disconnect as you have from places where you worked, solo thinking can deteriorate and sour. So reconnect, I predict you are still needed in plenty of places not far from your home.

William Gorden