Head Aches From Lights!


I looked over your site and couldn’t find a question along this line. I work in an office with the “Open” ceiling exposed lights kind of thing. The lights are like ones you would find in a warehouse. HDI lights with ballasts. At any rate, there is a CONSTANT buzzing sound that comes from the lights. A group of us spoke to HR and they said they would be happy to provide us with earplugs. Good earplugs that will actually block the sound are not conducive to working in the office and answering the phone. Lately three of the people I work with and I have almost constant headaches. At night when the lights are turned off (when we work after the rest of the people have gone home) the headache will disappear after 10 -15 minutes. Any ideas?


Buzz In Head


Dear Buzz In Head:

It could be psychosomatic but I doubt it. The irritant, the buzzing, could be subconsciously causing the headache and once removed from the stimulus, headache goes away. Ask the maintenance guy why there is a short in the ballast (where the long bulb plugs into the socket) or test each overhead and whichever one is causing the buzzing, disconnect those bulbs. I think this could solve the problem or else explain to your boss the Worker’s Comp problem you’re having with all the psychologists and doctors trying to account for the group hysteria – your boss will get the message loud and clear. And Life Continues….

WEGO for safe working conditions and then for collaboration.

Dan Keaney