Hired A Hypochondriac Friend!


I work for my husband who is a doctor. Three months ago my receptionist retired and I hired a friend who I felt needed a boost. She was having trouble finding a job so I gave her the position. O.K. So this was my first mistake, hiring a friend. Well, I really hoped it would work out. The job is quite simple, answering the phone, making appointments and filing. This person seems to be under a black cloud. She is preoccupied about every detail of her health and moans and whines all day about these “imagined” ills. She is always leaving early to go to this doctor or that doctor. Last week she was out all week with “the flu” and now she’s called in again for Monday. She is not friendly or pleasant with our patients, she can’t seem to catch on and often files charts without resolving the problem the patient called in about. She “forgets” important details and leaves mail lying about. She won’t file things where they go nor do the few tasks she’s been asked to do each day. After hiring her, I gave her a detailed job description. When I remind her or correct her in any way, she whines or cries and says, “Well, I’m still new, I’m just doing the best I can.” Please help. Did I mention that she has missed a total of 5 weeks now, out of the three months onboard? I’m afraid our friendship is over anyway as I’ve lost respect for her. Thanks, signed: trying my “patience” in the doctor’s office.


Hired A Hypochondriac


Dear Hired A Hypochondriac:

You and your doctor husband must put the welfare of patients and business before friendship. You have sufficient cause to end your receptionist’s employment. Make the decision and state the decision firmly without extended explanation. Find a replacement soon. It is puzzling why you hesitate.

Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOs.

William Gorden