How Can I Befriend My Superiors?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about building a network:

I’m currently taking my internship at the HR department of a networking company. I know that aside from doing assigned tasks well, it’s also important to build a network of contacts while working there. A friend suggested that I befriend the employees there. The question is, how do I that? And how do I treat them? I have no prior exposure to such things as I’m still a college student.

Signed, An Intern

DearĀ An Intern:

The key to success in the workplace is kindness to all those you encounter. Never get impatient with people but be a good listener. You never know who is related to whom and who may be in a position to help you. Just take good notes, be ready for any and all challenges and keep every business card you get with a reminder on the back of that card of what interaction you had with that person so you remember them and they remember you. Good luck!

Dan P. Kearney