How Do I Deal With A Threat Of A Coworker?


A coworker has threatened me, and my managers are not handling that situation accordingly. Not even the cops want to give a police report. I am scared for my life and safety.




Dear Scared:

You should not work scared, neither scared of being fired nor scared of a coworker. Is there a sure fire way for you to be safe? No. But the best you can do is to ask that management investigate. Possibly your manager or Human Resources will then bring you and the coworker together to discover what prompted the threat and to come to an understanding that will make working in the same area agreeable to each of you. If indeed the threat is one of physical harm, such as breaking your arms or of killing you, you should report that to the police and possibly a restraining order will follow. I hope that this matter has not gotten worse since you first wrote three days ago. You don’t have to work scared. Possibly this threat was just one burst of anger and it can serve as stimulus to hammer out what has troubled your working relationship. Working together with hands, head, and heart takes and makes big WEGOS means that you must have the courage to voice your concerns and that you should do all in your power to work in ways that benefit others and yourself.

William Gorden