How Do I Make A Case For A Bonus?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a bonus:

How do you request bonus compensation for workload above and beyond normal workday. I am a Customer Service Representative employed with the same company for eight years. I have watched our department personnel shrink from twelve to four, while products have doubled. Needless to say, with employee turnaround and learning new products, support techniques etc., I feel my co-worker and I who have stuck with the company deserve a “danger pay’ bonus. How would I state my case??

Signed, Loyal

Dear Loyal:

You asked, “How would I state my case?” The answer is: Very carefully. Obviously there has been some kind of change in your company, which resulted in the downsizing of the Customer Service Representatives. This is important factor relative to a “bonus.” Since I do not have this information, I will advise the best I can.

First make an appointment with your immediate supervisor. Prepare a memo or letter stating the reasons why you feel you should be considered for a bonus. (Do not refer to your coworker; this person must act on his/her own.) Point out additional responsibilities that you are now doing that have been added to your job description (if they are not in your job description, why are you doing them)? Point out the additional hours that you are working? Are you salaried or hourly? If you are hourly working overtime, you should already be receiving time and a half pay per hour for all over time hours worked. Be strong in your position but not to the “bragging” stage.

It is important to note that to make a strong company requires a strong rapport between employees and employer and it is your goal to strengthen the company with your continued commitment. Best of luck.While speaking up for yourself, keep in mind what you would do if you were in the shoes of those who make decisions that affect you. That is what we call WEGO thinking.

Gerald Allen, Guest Respondent