How Do I Tell My Boss I Have To Leave Early?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about must leave early for counseling:

I signed up for counseling which I will need to attend on a weekly basis. I’m confident that the sessions will help me resolve a lot of personal issues that I have. So I need to leave early for medical reasons. But it’s more taking care of my mental health than an actual injury. My question is how do I explain to my Manager that I will need to leave one hour early each week so I can attend the sessions? Do I have to give details? How much do I have to reveal and how do I say it in a non-revealing way? Will he and others in the office look at me differently, like I am incompetent? I don’t want to jeopardize my good standing at the company. But, it’s either leave one hour early or not be able to attend. I am even willing to make up the time by working through lunch or staying late on another day.I’m just not sure the most appropriate and/or tactful way to ask/talk to the Manager. Please advise. I really want to attend the counseling.

Signed, Leaving Gracefully???

Dear Leaving Gracefully???:

A medical problem may be either physical or mental. Employers are expected to release employee and excuse them from work for a medical problem. I suggest you go to your doctor or appropriate health care provider and ask for a medical excuse. This would be a note to your employer and should said: Please excuse John Doe for an appointment, one hour per week, for the next ___ weeks, (list dates) for medical reasons. Give the note (medical excuse) to your Manager and tell in advance what day of the each week you will need to leave early. The Manager may ask for the excuse each week. You should not be expected to explain anything about the medical condition. It would be very good to offer to work over, etc. to make up the time. Usually the employee would not be paid for an excused medical absences. Each company has personnel policies which address this topic. Best of luck.

William Gorden