How Do You Stop Gossip?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about the problem of gossip:

I have had a bad weekend thinking about the gossip problem in the place I am working for as a HR Manager. The Director and several high executive level “enjoy” the gossip chain. All of them have an “employee” who is the person who brings the rumors to them. Some of these rumors are bringing more Labor Relations cases to my desk. I have to include my HR assistant in this group who is one of those employees who has the privilege to sit down with one of the Director with all the rumors from different departments. I would like to use an example, or a good article and handout it to all of them. I create a HR Weekly Newsletter only for Directors, Managers and Supervisors in order to update them with the new HR laws and issues. I do not have the information about the Gossip, but I believe in this place exists a Gossip Chain. What I can do to stop it? Thank you very much for your advise in this matter.

Signed, HR Manager

Dear HR Manager:

You work in an environment that is self-destructive. My best advice is to get out of there. Your HR assistant is way out of line in his/her behavior. If top management wants a gossip chain, there is nothing you can do about it. Stop it? Impossible unless those in powers above want it stopped, and they don’t want it stopped. So either be a part of the problem and become a gossip or be part of the solution and get out. Dan Kearney, Guest Respondent & HR Manager The Workplace Doctors

I’m attaching Chapter 3 of a book I’m writing that applies the rules of golf to the workplace. Also see the questions re. gossip in our Archive. Do keep us posted on any tip-sheet you find that you think might do the trick or tell us if you vote with your feet.

William Gorden