How to tell my parents that my brother is abusive

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about brother abuse:

Me and my brother use to get along fine but suddenly when my parents aren’t around my brother thinks that he has the right to either hit me numerous of times or cuss me out. Normally I don’t tell my parents actually I don’t cause I don’t want him to get in trouble. I use to be scared of him and tell the day I am. I don’t know what I should do. Can yall help ?

Signed, Scared

Dear Scared:

Our site answers workplace, not family questions; however, you need help. Your brother should not hit you. You know that is wrong, and if not stopped, it could result in serious injury. And more than that, if not stopped, your brother could grow up thinking that violence is the way to treat others; such as a wife and his own children. Even before that he could be injured in fights.You might think you are helping him by not reporting his abuse to your parents, but by not telling you probably are hurting him. He needs to learn to behave as a good brother, not a bully. Approach your parents, not in a tallying way, but with a serious request for their help. Don’t be shy about this.

They need to talk with him and you together to make clear what are the dos and don’ts of how you speak to each other (not cuss each other) and act toward each other (no hitting). I don’t know your ages, but your parents and possibly grandparents or uncles and aunts need to oversee your bother and you when your parents are not present. I haven’t corrected your writing, but I encourage you to get the help of a friend or instructor to learn your written mistakes. Just now learning how to write well isn’t as important as learning how to deal with your brother, but it is necessary if you are to prepare for living and working with others. Please feel free to send me a note about what you do about your brother. You should not be so scared of him you allow him to hit you again and again. That must stop!

William Gorden