Husband Can’t Find Computer Job!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about wondering if a husband’s not finding a job is her fault:

My husband is turning 40 soon, and has just graduated Suma Cum Laude with his Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems. For years now (about 5), he has been trying to get a job – ANY JOB – in the Information Technology field. He doesn’t even get an interview or a call and he’s willing to relocate to any state in the U.S. at his expense.The reason I’m worried he’s been blackballed is because I started my own business and he helped out, running Errands for people.

My business failed right after a guy who was a millionaire told me I’d never work in this town again because I could not run an errand for him at the exact moment he asked. I had given him 2 weeks notice that I would be busy on that ONE day helping my kids. Well he called anyway and expected me to leave my young children all alone in a huge crowd of people to run him to the grocery store. Since then my husband has not been able to find a job. Is there a way to find out if he’s on some sort of blackball list? Thank you for any help you can give.

Signed, Living In Michigan

Dear Living In Michigan:

I feel for you and your husband–the labor market has been soft for several years. Although the unemployment rate appears to be low, many people are discouraged and have given up. They are not counted, and there are millions of them! Beyond that, it’s so hard to say why your husband is having a hard time finding a job. The concerns you have raised may play a role. Then again, they may not be a significant influence, especially for the last 5 years. The person you describe as threatening revenge sounds like someone who is aggressive, petty, and ungracious. If that’s true, many people will know his disposition and they will not follow him or believe him, even if he did say some bad things about you or your husband.

What resources has your husband used? For example, is he looking daily on sites, such as Yahoo Hot Jobs, Career Builder, You can search by location and job type on those. Has he posted his resume on sites that are looking for his specific experience? How about consulting sites, such as There are many of those.There are also private employment agencies that don’t charge the employee a fee. Many of those will accept a resume and try to sell your husband’s skills to their clients, even if they don’t have any openings currently. There are also state job boards, and probably ones specific for his area of expertise online. Does he network with his school and/or teachers and students? They might know of some opportunities as well.

Finally, if you want to see if anything negative is posted, try to Google your name and your husband’s name. See if the person you mentioned has authored anything. My guess is that the job market isn’t that great, unless you are willing to work for a retail job paying $8.00 or $10.00 per hour. I do hope things go better for you and your husband!

–Steven H. Carney Guest Respondent, Author, The Teamwork Chronicles The Workplace Doctors WEGO is doing your best and seeking all available options to succeed.

Second Opinion: Dear Wife With Husband Seeking Employment: I forwarded your question to Kim Price, a friend who has a degree in the same field as your husband. Her advice wisely addresses your question. –Bill Gorden

I see that her husband graduated in August 2005 with a CIS degree. Yet, she says that for YEARS (5) he has been trying to get a job. “ANY JOB” in the information Technology field.

1. If he is not getting any interviews, or calls.. I would have to ask where is he applying? I also recently graduated, in May 2005, and I have had a reply to all my applications, and interviews. I also have a CIS degree.

2. I am 48 and female; so age is not a factor in the “interviewing process”.

3. If he is willing to relocate at his expense that opens up the field for him greatly. I would have to ask again where are you applying for positions? What pay scale do you think your can get? Do you have any? or at least some experience in the CIS field?

4. The blackball list…. idea is absurd. NO. There is no way to BLACKBALL of someone in the entire country for one man in the CIS field. Especially for not going to a grocery store on a certain day that is just paranoid thinking.

5. My suggestions: Check your resume. See what’s wrong with it. Make it 1 page only. Have a drop-dead cover letter that speaks to each person to whom you apply. Apply at : And all the job sites online that you can. Upload your resume. Check your email daily for the replies. YOU send them. The replies will come. ESPECIALLY if you don’t mind relocating. He could have gone to work for PROGRESSIVE this week… at a Helpdesk support level making $30,000…easily.

Maybe he is setting his sights too high monetarily. We all sometimes have to crawl before we walk. GET your foot in the door, then excel and move up the ladder! Kimberly Y. Price, Guest Respondent The Workplace Doctors There are good places to work. You need them and they need you. WEGO. We hope this helps. Please keep us posted on your job search.

Prompt Reply: Thank you very much for your replies. I had hoped that I was being paranoid l0l. I have gone to, and a few others and had someone rewrite his resume and put on the resume that he’s willing to relocate at his expense about a year ago. I’ll try the others that you have listed! He’s done “contract” work here locally – but that is far and few between. I’ve applied to all of the states from Michigan down to Fla and even reached into Arizona though we’d prefer to keep it in the line down from Michigan. Last night he did get a call from Iowa, but they are looking for someone with “experience”.

I’m very pleased to hear that you’re 48, congratulations on your success! It gives me hope that he too will find employment with his new degree. One other question that I have is that on his resume he put “Member of Mensa” – is that too much? He is a member of Mensa and scored in the top 1% of high I.Q. but are people afraid of someone that would be so bold as to put that on his resume? I’ll attach his resume in Word Format, and if you see something that is wrong – please let me know. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you again for your very quick responses and your great advice,–The Worried Wife l0l!

Dear Worried Wife: I don’t know that I would put anything about Mensa in the resume. There are those people out there that are intimidated by such things. He can always pop that on them in an interview or after he gets the job! Keep it job related. They want to the point stuff. Then they want to grill you on the interview for the meat of the issue. I will tell you that if he wants a position, there are positions available at Kent state and coming available soon.

Keep looking at this website Click on the job opportunities, and follow through with that. Progressive is hiring also…. he could get a position that also. IF he has to, he can also sign up with Teksystems, a “head hunter ” team. They will place him in a position. NOW. This may not sound optimal at first, but if he needs more experience it is spectacular! He can work for them in temp jobs and gain experience. If he is anything like me, he will recognize that you do what you have to just to get that edge up! He does have experience and depending on how he represents that, it will be the difference in a job or not a job! But don’t totally disregard the head hunters. for a while. KEEP this in mind, a job in the worth more than NONE in the bush! There are jobs out there. You just have to have network contacts! Good luck…. in the search. There are many great sites for job hunting! Let me know how it goes!

Kimberly Price